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Emotionally Focused

Focused Mind

Build Deeper and More Satisfying Relationships

Emotionally Focused therapy is an evidence-based treatment approach used by Green Path Psychiatric Nursing Practitioner services to help individuals and couples better understand and regulate their emotions, and to improve their relationships with others.

In this approach, the psychiatric nurse practitioner works with the patient to identify patterns of negative emotions and behaviors that are causing distress in their lives or relationships. They then help the patient to explore and understand the underlying emotions that are driving these patterns, and to develop new, healthier ways of managing them.

Emotionally Focused therapy also focuses on improving communication and building stronger, more supportive relationships between individuals and couples. Through the therapeutic process, patients learn how to communicate their emotions and needs in a way that is both clear and respectful, and how to respond to the emotions and needs of others in a supportive and validating way.


Ultimately, the goal of Emotionally Focused therapy is to help patients build deeper and more satisfying relationships with others, while also developing stronger emotional regulation skills that can be applied to all areas of their lives.

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